Women's Relaxed Fit T Shirt - LeBlanc Coat of Arms
Women's Relaxed Fit T Shirt - LeBlanc Coat of Arms

Women's Relaxed Fit T Shirt - LeBlanc Coat of Arms


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Are you proud of your Cajun Heritage? And looking for great comfort in a custom t-shirt to show the world how proud you are to be a CAJUN? Look no further! Les Revenant Apparel is proud to present our "LeBlanc Family Coat of Arms" Relaxed Fit T-Shirt! Our Graphic Tees are super soft, fashionably fit and come in a variety of colors for you to choose from. Our products are 100% designed, created and distributed right here in the Heart of Cajun Country!

Our Graphic Tees are crafted with the following details:

  • Relaxed Fit - Baby Rib Short-Sleeve
  • 90% combed and ringspun cotton / 10% polyester
  • Ultra-comfortable and soft for all-day comfort
  • Slim Fit with Sideseam stiching 
  • Tagless, itch-free design


All "Family Coat of Arms" Graphic Tees are custom made to order and may require additional delivery time.

Delivery Time: Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for delivery.

Learn Cajun (Acadian) History!

Spain Grants Cajuns Refuge In Louisiana

In 1763 'The Treaty of Paris' ended the 'Seven Years War' (French And Indian War) between France and England. Louisiana had long been a French colony, however after the war France ceded Louisiana to Spain. Additional terms of the treaty provided ~18 months for unrestrained immigration for the Cajuns. This spurred the Cajuns' to return home from New France (Canada) and the British Colonies.

The British allowed the Cajuns to return to Nova Scotia as long as they did not settle in any one area in large numbers; they were not permitted to resettle in the areas of Port Royal or Grand-Pré. As a result of 'Le Grande Derangement', ~2 new Acadia's were formed ... one in New Brunswick and the other in Louisiana. 

Beginning in 1765, small groups of exiles made their way to the opportunities of a possible New Acadia in Louisiana. The Spanish, eager to gain more Catholic settlers, welcomed the Acadian refugees. Although, Louisiana was owned by Spain it still retained all of its French culture.

The interim French officials provided land and supplies. The Spanish governor, Bernardo de Galvez, proved to be hospitable, permitting the Acadians to continue to speak their language, practice Roman Catholicism which was also the official religion of Spain and pursue their livelihoods with minimal interference.