Women's Relaxed Fit T Shirt - Granger Coat of Arms
Women's Relaxed Fit T Shirt - Granger Coat of Arms

Women's Relaxed Fit T Shirt - Granger Coat of Arms


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Are you proud of your Cajun Heritage? And looking for great comfort in a custom t-shirt to show the world how proud you are to be a CAJUN? Look no further! Les Revenant Apparel is proud to present our "Granger Family Coat of Arms" Relaxed Fit T-Shirt! Our Graphic Tees are super soft, fashionably fit and come in a variety of colors for you to choose from. Our products are 100% designed, created and distributed right here in the Heart of Cajun Country!

Our Graphic Tees are crafted with the following details:

  • Relaxed Fit - Baby Rib Short-Sleeve
  • 90% combed and ringspun cotton / 10% polyester
  • Ultra-comfortable and soft for all-day comfort
  • Slim Fit with Sideseam stiching 
  • Tagless, itch-free design


All "Family Coat of Arms" Graphic Tees are custom made to order and may require additional delivery time.

Delivery Time: Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for delivery.

Learn Cajun (Acadian) History!

3,000 Refugees Establish Cajun Nation

From 1765 to 1785 about ~3,000 Cajun refugees traveled to settle in Louisiana. In 1785, seven ships brought more exiled Cajun refugees to Louisiana. After years of preparation, Spain paid for about 1600 Cajuns to travel from France to Louisiana, which was now a Spanish colony. Spain wanted more settlers in the land to protect against English invasion.

Le Bon Papa  155
La Bergere 268
Le Beaumont 175
St. Remi  311
L'Amitie  266
La Ville d'Arcangel  304
La Caroline 77


Once there, they were given free choice of where to go. Most of the 1785 Cajun settlers decided to go to the Bayou Lafourche area or along the River towards Baton Rouge. Some went to the Attakapas/Opelousas area. 

Though a small group arrived by boat in 1788, the Acadian migration had ended. By 1790, pretty much all of the Acadians who came to Louisiana were settled in, though some Acadians were probably in the group that migrated to Louisiana when 10,000 refugees escaped St. Domingue in 1809. The largest communities were in Attakapas, Opelousas, the Acadian Coast, and Bayou Lafourche.

Smaller groups were found in a few areas. There were also small pockets of Acadians in the cities (ie. New Orleans, Baton Rouge), along smaller bayous, and in other settlements.

A very proud people, the Cajuns retained their French culture, language and lifestyle which has become a major cultural influence to this day.